Assessment of CRM and E-Marketing Strategies on Agri-SMEs Performance in Bauchi State, Nigeria

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Mohammed Lawal Inuwa
Hussaini Yaro Ali


Nigeria's economy depends heavily on its agriculture industry; however, some obstacles prevent Small and Medium Enterprises from growing and being sustainable, especially in states like Bauchi. Although customer relationship management and e-marketing strategies can address these issues, there are still a number of obstacles preventing their widespread implementation. This study investigates the variables that influence the implementation of these strategies and their effects on the performance of Agri-SMEs in Bauchi State, Nigeria. Data from a sample of 150 Agri-SME operators in Bauchi State were gathered using a quantitative research approach and structured questionnaires. While regression analysis was used to test the hypotheses. The regression coefficients and average scores obtained from the study indicate a low R-square value and absence of statistically significant variables in the model, indicative of a weak predictive potential. The study concludes that although CRM and e-marketing have the potential to benefit Agri-SMEs, it is unclear how they would affect performance in Bauchi State. Future priority areas include nonlinear interactions, complex corporate settings, and the necessity of comprehensive strategies, capacity building, and governmental assistance. To facilitate the successful implementation of digital strategies in agriculture, Agri-SMEs should focus on comprehensive strategy formulation and capacity building, and policymakers should prioritise infrastructure and policy assistance.

Keywords: E-marketing, CRM, Strategies, SMEs, Agri-SME Performance

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Assessment of CRM and E-Marketing Strategies on Agri-SMEs Performance in Bauchi State, Nigeria. (2024). African Journal of Management and Business Research, 14(1), 10-24.

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