Ethical Issues on Cloning and Genetically Modified Products Implications for Science and Technology

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Ijeoma Ene


Science and Technology have greatly improved man’s quality of life as new discoveries are designed to nurture a healthy and long life. Science and Technology can be described as two sides of a coin as science discovers the problem and technology provides the product to solve that particular problem that affects the well-being of mankind. Philosophy, like science, is a discipline that is hinged on rational thinking and the pursuit of truth. The branch of philosophy that is concerned with how man ought to live in the society is Ethics. Ethics is the branch of philosophy that deals with rightness and wrongness of human actions. It also determines the rightness or wrongness of technological innovations and their effect on the health of man. There are numerous scientific discoveries in the area of genetic engineering but this paper is limited to cloning and genetic modification. In this work, ethical implications of these scientific discoveries were identified.  This paper shall use the method of conceptual analysis. It intends to address the ethical implications of cloning and genetically modified products for mankind. The paper concludes that the benefits of these scientific developments should be embraced as they outweigh the cons and provide succour to beneficiaries which is the objective of Science and Technology. The welfare of mankind is the concern of ethics as well as science and technology.

Keywords: Ethics, Science, Technology, Cloning, Genetically Modified Products

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Ijeoma Ene. (2024). Ethical Issues on Cloning and Genetically Modified Products: Implications for Science and Technology. African Journal of Humanities and Contemporary Education Research, 14(1), 277-286.

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