A Review of the Impact of Nigerian Tourism Development in the Preservation of Arts and Culture

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Adekunle Quawih


This study investigates the responsibilities that museums play in conserving art and culture. It argues that museums should be responsible for making historic values accessible and understandable to all visitors, rather than depending simply on traditional item displays. Museums provide opportunities for global travelers to learn about different perspectives on the importance of history and how to preserve their heritage. The method used in this research is qualitative. Research was carried out by compiling and analyzing existing studies. The obstacles to the preservation of art and culture, and how can research help museums use their physical, intentional forms to produce visitor experiences that are meaningful, active, ethical, and continuous, as well as a visible representation of tourism in Nigeria served as the focal points of this paper’s research.  The findings support the dual functions of museums, preserving our artistic heritage and acting as a significant source of revenue to support the travel and tourist industry. In addition to significantly increasing global income, tourism is now a key factor in the expansion of economies across the world.  The primary rationale behind the growth of tourism in many nations worldwide is often its capacity to have a favorable economic impact through the lens of modern heritage values and ethics. The findings of this research reflect the intricate ways by which tourism and culture are tightly correlated.

Keywords: Arts, Culture, Museum, Nigeria, Tourism

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Adekunle Quawih. (2023). A Review of the Impact of Nigerian Tourism Development in the Preservation of Arts and Culture. African Journal of Humanities and Contemporary Education Research, 14(1), 248-260. https://doi.org/10.62154/8tme1h89

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