Spatial Spread of Diphtheria and Public Health Engagement in Nigeria A Review

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Olusola Olufemi, PhD
Oluwasayo Olatunde, MD CFP


Diphtheria is a potentially fatal and highly contagious vaccine-preventable disease that spreads between people mainly by direct contact or through the air via respiratory droplets. The disease can affect all age groups; however, unimmunized children are particularly at risk. This article examines the spatial spread of diphtheria in Nigeria. The paper examines community awareness and public health actions taken by various actors and stakeholders to alleviate the diphtheria outbreak. The risks of spreading diphtheria and the vulnerability of children due to poor immunisation are frightening. Consistency in data collection and good quality (quantitative) data provides a basis for timely intervention and future response to the treatment of diphtheria. Curtailing crowding, reducing multidimensional poverty and social inequalities, and enhancing hygienic practices (WASH) are practical measures to reduce spread, infection, and death arising from the diphtheria outbreak in Nigeria and other countries.

Keywords: Diphtheria, Public Engagement, Spatial Spread, Vaccination Education

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Olusola Olufemi, & Oluwasayo Olatunde. (2024). Spatial Spread of Diphtheria and Public Health Engagement in Nigeria: A Review. African Journal of Humanities and Contemporary Education Research, 14(1), 41-64.

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