Vol. 15 No. 1 (2024)

Published: 2024-05-31



Improved Design of Sanitary System at the Nigerian College of Aviation Technology (NCAT), Zaria

A. U. Alka, U. A. Abubakar, S. B. Igboro (Author)
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  • Pages: 88-103

Comparative Analysis of Indoor Air Quality in Coal Mining Communities During Wet and Dry Seasons in the Coal Mining Belt of Kogi East, Nigeria

Osseini Ukwenya Enock, Muhammed Rabiu, J.A. Edicha (Ph.D), S.M. Hassan (Ph.D) (Author)
  • Abstract: 34  
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  • Pages: 01-23

Assessment of Solid Waste Management Practices Following Private Partnership Operations in Zaria Urban Area of Kaduna, Nigeria

BABAJO Hannatu, LIMAN Bashir Yakubu, BELLO Samira (Author)
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  • Pages: 24-36

Effect of Passive Energy Efficiency Measures in Designing Sustainable Primary Healthcare Facilities in Nigeria

Usman Ismail, Usman Bukar Wakawa, Aminu Umar, Bashir Usman Mohammad, Shamsuddeen Ismail (Author)
  • Abstract: 29  
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  • Pages: 51-68

Assessment of Stakeholders’ Engagement and Participation in Mass Housing Development

A Case Study of Some Abuja's PPP Projects

Oroniyi K. T., Taiwo A. A., Arayela O., Ajayi O. O. (Author)
  • Abstract: 51  
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  • Pages: 37-50

Integrating Energy-Efficient Systems and Technologies in Hotel Design Strategies in Lagos

Assessing Cost Implications

Salami O., Taiwo A. A., Ibem E. O., Ajayi O. O. (Author)
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  • Pages: 69-87

Benefits of Integrating Green Architecture in Public Buildings within the Savannah Region of Nigeria

A Review

Aisha Ahmed Alkali, Bashir Usman Mohammad, Haruna A. Usman (Author)
  • Abstract: 28  
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  • Pages: 104-112

Flood Disasters and the Threat to Food Security in Benue State

Ahile, S.I, Tyozua, J.M, Uyeh M.A, Iorfa, D.D (Author)
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  • Pages: 113-123

Clean and Sustainable Energy Revolution in Nigeria

Synopsis of Opportunities and Barriers in Perspective

Yekini Suberu Mohammed, Mathurine Guiawa, Onyegbadue Ikenna Augustine, Funsho Olowoniyi (Author)
  • Abstract: 31  
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  • Pages: 124-144

Review of Kinetic Architecture in Healthcare Facilities

A Thematic Study of Infectious Disease Hospital Design in Gombe State

Melentu Giwa Momme, Abdulaziz Anakobe Isa, Bashir Usman Mohammad, Sarkile Kawuwa Abubakar, Mercy Poksireni Raymond (Author)
  • Abstract: 30  
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  • Pages: 145-159

Techno-Economic Optimization of Clean Energy Hybrid Systems in the Context of Assorted Battery Storage Technologies

Yekini Suberu Mohammed, Mathurine Guiawa, Onyegbadue Ikenna Augustine, Funsho Olowoniyi (Author)
  • Abstract: 53  
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  • Pages: 170-169

Evaluation of Cooling Strategies for Energy Efficient Low-Cost Housing Estate in Bauchi, Nigeria

Mohammed Amin Ibrahim, Abbas Sa'id El-Nafaty, Ibrahim Hussaini Udale (Author)
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  • Pages: 226-236

Comparative Analysis of Flood Mitigation Strategies for Residential Housing in Lagos State

Olukunga Omosalewa Abubakar, Adewumi Bamidele J., Hassan Temiloluwa (Author)
  • Abstract: 41  
  • PDF: 8  
  • Pages: 209-225

Adopting Inclusive Design Principles for the Proposed North East Development Commission’s Headquarters in Maiduguri, Borno State

Abdullahi Adam Alkali, Usman Bukar Wakawa, Ibrahim Udale Husaini (Author)
  • Abstract: 13  
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  • Pages: 160-169

Application of Wayfinding Principles in the Design of Nigerian Immigration Service Command’s Office Complex in Bauchi State, Nigeria

Hayatuddeen Salihu Doma, Usman Mohammad Bashir, Haruna A. Usman, Usman Bukar Wakawa, Ibrahim Udale Hussaini, Sarkile Kawuwa Abubakar (Author)
  • Abstract: 16  
  • PDF: 9  
  • Pages: 190-197

Redesigning Resettlement Homes for Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Borno State

Integrating Kanuri Cultural Elements

Baba Shehu Alhaji Modu, Ibrahim Udale Hussaini, Usman Bukar Wakawa, Usman Muhammed Bashir, Sarkile Kawuwa Abubakar (Author)
  • Abstract: 4  
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  • Pages: 198-208

Assessment of Ornamentation as a Cultural Identity of Mosques in Lagos State, Nigeria

Aishat Alokun M., Justice E. Egwabor, Mosopefoluwa Olodeoku E. (Author)
  • Abstract: 27  
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  • Pages: 237-256