Perceived Effects of Spatial Stability on Regional Banks’ Customer Satisfaction A Review

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Taiwo Kareem Omotayo


It is a necessity to examine the effect of spatial stability in commercial spaces. These areas exist to facilitate the frequent flow of people and have an effect on how people perceive these spaces. This paper is an academic attempt to illuminate the impact that circulation and spatial stability have on a banking area. Certain key elements that impact circulation are explored and deductions are made on the necessity of these elements on spatial stability. The main outcome of this paper shows that customer satisfaction and effective circulation are strongly linked. Furthermore, this study suggests that architects and the government should acknowledge the need to incorporate building circulation aspects that have a higher influence on consumer satisfaction and not overlook them.

Keywords: Circulation, Spatial stability , Banks, Flow, Customers

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Perceived Effects of Spatial Stability on Regional Banks’ Customer Satisfaction: A Review. (2024). African Journal of Environmental Sciences and Renewable Energy, 14(1), 124-136.

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Taiwo Kareem Omotayo, Caleb University, Imota, Lagos State.

Department of Architecture,

College of Post-Graduate Studies,

Caleb University, Imota, Lagos State.