A Review of Biophilic Design Concepts in Hotel Architecture

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Hafeez Akinyemi
Esther Adewole
Ayomide Tejumaiye


Incorporating natural materials and features into the built environment is the goal of the creative approach known as biophilic design, which aims to link people with nature through architecture and interior design. The premise of the theory is that people are naturally drawn to nature and that spending time in nature can improve productivity, well-being, and general quality of life. It has been demonstrated that biophilic architecture design can convey a healthy environment, lower stress levels, and promote a sense of serenity for people residing in it. This is because the design uses natural materials and natural patterns to create a connection between humans and the natural world. This study looks into the application of biophilic design ideas in hospitality environments. This study aims to investigate if, in the context of hotels, including biophilic design improves guest emotional responses, perceived quality, and behavioral intentions. The results of this study showed that biophilic designs produced more favorable emotional and behavioral reactions than the standard design using the scenario-based experiment. Furthermore, patrons thought hotels with biophilic decor were of higher caliber. The goal of biophilic design is to incorporate natural aspects into the built environment to improve overall guest experience, comfort, and well-being. It is based on the human connection to nature. Site inspections, management interviews, and visitor surveys are a few of the data collection techniques used in hotels. The results provide important insights for architects, designers, and hoteliers looking to build more sustainable and guest-centric settings by illuminating the challenges, advantages, and consequences of using biophilic design in a hospitality context.

Keywords: Biophilic Design, Hotel, Nature, Hospitality, Sustainable Architecture

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A Review of Biophilic Design Concepts in Hotel Architecture. (2024). African Journal of Environmental Sciences and Renewable Energy, 14(1), 75-87. https://doi.org/10.62154/3aqdkf16

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